What a Beautiful Life.

Mass murders, suicide missions, threats of bombing, and a country broken and in turmoil. Where has humanity gone says the mass media? What has happen to people to become so violent? Can our World recover from so much hate? While those questions are valid and very unanswered, there is questions no one seems to ask in times of pain. No one seems to push one another to remember the goodness that still so present in our lives. vive-la-france-massive-rallies-in-paris-after-terrorist-attackNo one sits down and examines that the world and our humanity is still here and intact regardless of the newest wounds. No one asks why have we forgotten about the good in times that humans are so desperately seeking for hope.

My young and naive self still believes in this beautiful life. I still believe in the ratio of 90:10. For I believe with my whole heart that 90 percent of our world is filled with good seeds. While 10 percent have rotted and chose a path of evil. I believe in times like these we must remind ourselves of the 90 percent that still continue to make our world spin. For focusing on the evil only brings hatred amongst the still viable seeds in our life. So here I am writing to you, enlightening you of the good that still surrounds you. Begging you to remember this world is still wondering with so many good-natured souls. Asking you to confide in the 90 percent that would lend a hand in times of need rather than manifest on the 10 percent who are smiling with their faulty hearts.

You and I must come together to remind one another of the 90 percent still crossing our paths and changing each of us for the better. We have the opportunity to turn to our friends, acquaintances, and even strangers and remind these questioning hearts why the love that pours out of the 90 percent is all we need to heal in a broken hour. For I want to remind you all of the way men and women pursue careers in military so they can protect the country and people they love. The way a world comes together to fight for one another in a time of pain and turmoil. The way people’s eyes light up for the ones that they love. I want to remind you of those who choose lives dedicated to public services. The way a doctor walks into a room and saves a fragile but deserving life every second of our days. The way people choose to spend there summer’s helping those in need. I want you to remember the people who surprise you. The way people become passionate about changing the world for the better and pursue their passions at all costs.f590aa007187957be268ff970c8688e9 I want to remind you of the sacrifices people make daily to make our lives just a little better. The way churches open their arms for all the hurting. The way a father and mother spend every dime creating an incredible life for their child. I want you to ponder on the woman who went through a crowd of a thousand people after the attacks in Paris and hugged them because “it was a good occasion for it.”   I want you to open your own arms and remind the world what it feels like to embrace the good seeds during a time where the bad seeds are crying for attention.

Our world is a world of choices. Men and Women choose to be evil everyday. While men and women choose to be great everyday. During this time of tragedy we have seen country after country come together to support one another. While countries have come together the people within them have chosen to fight for one another. They have chosen to love one another. They have chosen to lend a shoulder to cry on. They have offered plans and ideas that will prevent the bad seeds from ever having a moment like this again. The point being that at the end of the day they still chose to see that world we live in, regardless of it’s scars, as beautiful and worth fighting for. I can only hope, that you too forget for a moment about the 10 percent of faulty hearts and think about the 90 percent of beautiful hearts. Are you thinking about them yet? Yes? You feel it too?

Wow, what a beautiful life filled with so many beautiful people.


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