Growing Pains

Dear growing pains,

We are all just doing the best we can. We are all growing and changing and living. It’s a time that we are more alive than ever whether we know this or not. We all are feeling things at such intense levels; it’s hard to see that these times are the times that shape our lives. Every moment of happiness, sadness, confusion, loneliness, adventureness- all of them, they are defining and creating people that the world so desperately needs.

I choose to believe that every moment creates a little piece of us the world was begging to get ahold of. We all grow, whether we grow emotionally in our teens, our 20s, or even in our 40s. We all face a time period filled with immense life changing type of growth. It’s sometimes painful, almost like the time in our adolescent life where our knees ached and we were told “You’re gonna be okay. They are just growing pains.” As the statement did nothing at the time because it surely wasn’t going to be okay and we were definitely going to die from the ache in our knees, the truth still came out on top. We were fine and stood just a little bit taller than we had before. Growing emotionally is almost the exact same in a symbolic sense. We feel that we won’t come to terms with the storm in our evolving life, but once the storm passes and the sun returns, we too stand just a little taller. Which leads me to believe that this growth is one of the most magnificent, earth-shattering beautiful growth too see occur within a person.

For myself, I felt as if 2015 was the year that will forever stand out as the year I began to grow with-in at an alarming rate. If you are anything like myself you began your year of growing emotionally weak, alone, and confused. I don’t say those three terms lightly, and I definitely don’t say them as confidently as I would like when sharing with you. Yet throughout this year of growing pains, I have discovered one thing that stands true for us all- we truly are all doing the best we can at the given time. We are all becoming people, we are all creating progress, and we are all surviving. We are taking paths that have God worried out of his mind, to simultaneously change course and have God chuckling at our youthful ignorance. When we finally choose the path that has God applauding our progress, we find it hard to remember the first left we took in the beginning. That’s the beauty of this journey, there is always one thing for certain, wherever we are heading, whoever we are becoming is exactly what the world needs in this given moment. So don’t doubt the process, don’t doubt the pain. Don’t doubt the happiness. Just believe in it and Embrace it.

I hope you don’t hesitate to find the beauty of belief when you don’t quite understand why you are still putting hope in someone who tears you down. I hope you still choose to believe when you look in the mirror and find yourself questioning everything that makes you, you. More importantly I hope you still believe when you go from your happiest of happys to your saddest of sads in the blink of an eye. The truth of this journey is that the day that you choose to believe in your own self-growth is the day you realize the world will always need someone exactly like you.

If I could have reminded myself one thing this past year it would have been to soak up the feeling that world needs someone exactly like me. We often neglect to look beyond the mirror. We forget that we have the capabilities to change lives by simply being ourselves. We forget that the image in the mirror is less important than the soul within us. So, I hope when you feel the storm of self-growth rapidly approaching you remember the grander purpose that lies ahead. That someone out there needs your laughter, your thoughts, your inspiration, and your encouragement. Everywhere you look someone needs your impact. So, when the time comes and you find yourself growing within I hope you let your soul grow, that you let yourself feel, and most importantly you let your soul impact. I promise you, it’s worth it and it’s beautiful and it’s so insanely kick-ass to watch the sun come out, as you stand a little taller and finally acknowledge you are doing the best you can.


Someone appreciative for the extra inches.

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